July 2017 Club Color Submissions


Let’s all go to the Fair!

Starting July 1st we will begin our 3rd Club Mystery Knit Along for 2017.  As we knit our projects, we will experience some of the magical wonders of the county fair.

2017 Club Members will receive our new Sprinkles base in Vanilla Cupcake for this project, and will choose either 1 contrast color in Twinkle for a 2 color project, or all 4 of the colors included for a 5 color project.  (5 color projects are only available in the sample colors.)

This will be a five or two color shawl and you can choose from two shapes: a half circle or a ¾ circle; and two sizes: small or large. (See drawings below.)

July’s options:

Small Half Circle (31”x62”)* 1 sk each MC & CC (or 4 25g skeins CC1-4) + beads & stitch markers $ –
Large Half Circle (45”x90”)* 2 sk each MC & CC (or 4 50g skeins CC1-4) + add’l beads & stitch markers $49
Small 3/4 Circle (31”x62”)* 2 sk each MC & CC (or 4 50g skeins CC1-4) + add’l beads & stitch markers $49
Large 3/4 Circle (45”x90”)* 3 sk each MC & CC (or 4 75g skeins CC1-4) + add’l beads & stitch markers $99

NOTE: All prices include shipping. All Add-ons will be in the same dye-lot as your Club order and shipped together. * Please note the dimensions are approximations since not all sizes have been completed.Club Members: Color selection closed Monday, May 22nd.

Color Option PictureCC is on Twinkle Base.  Please refer to your samples for actual color.

Stunning String Stock Color choices can be seen here.

1-26-16 - 11-26-16 - 2

Contact us if you have any problems.

If you are not a Club Member, you can order a Yarn Kit directly from Stunning String here.