WPKnits 2014 Mystery Club

What amazing things are just around the bend? 

Join us for the

2014 Wild Prairie Knits Mystery Club to find out.

NOTE:  Full Club is now Closed.  The eBook Club is still available here.

The Club will include five shipments throughout the year of Shawl Mystery Knit-A-Longs.

Our goal is to introduce new techniques, skills and broaden our knitting horizons with each MKAL while exploring a new and exciting pattern.  Pattern styles will stay true to our design aesthetic, but expand upon what we have already done.

And we are very excited to announce that all the patterns included will be knitCompanion® supported with easy setup steps and guides for knitCompanion® users.  They also will be offering tech support on our MKAL boards.

Full Club Members will receive five amazing deliveries that will include perfectly paired yarns in scrumptious, exclusive colors on divine bases, along with lots of amazing knitting goodies!  Along with the five MKAL patterns, Full Club members will also be given one (or more) exclusive patterns throughout the year.

eBook Members will receive all five patterns delivered electronically via Ravelry as they are released throughout the year, plus one bonus pattern.  eBook Members will also have the option of purchasing a yarn kit from Stunning String in select, stock colors specifically designed for the MKAL.

Club Options

Full Club – Five separate shipments of exclusive color way yarn, supplies and goodies delivered directly to you packaged, pre-wound and ready to cast on, along with all the MKAL patterns, plus some exclusives, delivered electronically.

Full Club Membership is limited and signups will close when all spots are full or January 12th.

Full Club Pricing


Price + s/h

Club is closed

United States

$299 + $30 = $329


$299 + $50 = $349


$299 + $70 = $369


eBook Club – All five MKAL patterns and a bonus pattern delivered via Ravelry.

  eBook Club Pricing

Electronic Delivery


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Release Dates:   Patterns will be released on January 1st, March 15th, June 1st, September 1st and November 1st of 2014.

Patterns:  The patterns included in the club will be Mystery Knit-a-long shawl patterns.  All the patterns are easy to follow, allowing you to relax and enjoy your knitting without complex techniques or difficult construction interfering.  Clues will be spread out over varying numbers of weeks, but at a relaxed pace.  All new techniques and skills will be fully explained and demonstrated via online videos when possible.

knitCompanion® supported:  We are partnering with knitCompanion® to offer you an easy setup process for knitCompanion® app.  This will allow you to use your patterns digitally, easily track your place in the pattern and makes complex patterns so much easier to use.  You must own the knitCompanion® app to make use of these features and a supported Apple iOS device.  You can find out more at www.knitcompanion.com.

Yarn:  The yarns shipped to Full Club Member will include exclusive color ways on a variety of bases from Stunning String Studio that may or may not ever be available for direct purchase, but will remain exclusive for several months.  We will be working with some new, very luxurious fibers, including some exclusive bases!  As always, many of the patterns will be multi-colored and you will receive all the colors needed, caked and ready to knit.

Colors:  We are working on ways to make some color selections interactive.  This will be part of the mystery of the Club for now, but look for details on how you can help select the next color way in coming months.

Goodies:  Each delivery will also include all of the supplies (beads, stitch markers, etc.) needed to make the pattern along with some Exclusive goodies and tools from some of our favorite vendors and sources, all designed to make your knitting more relaxing, fun and enjoyable.  Our Fall Club made use of small independent vendors and we are really hoping to continue that with this Club.

Sign-Up:  Spots are limited and the Club will close when all the spots are filled or December 20th.

Delivery:  Club shipments will be sent via USPS approximately two weeks prior to pattern release date for International deliveries and one week prior for Domestic deliveries. Pattern release dates are: January 1st, March 15th, June 1st, September 1st, and November 1st.   International recipients will be responsible for any additional duties, taxes etc.  If you would like to order multiple Club subscriptions delivered to the same address, please contact us for a shipping quote and invoice.

Contact Us:  If you have any questions, please contact me HERE or through Ravelry.

Payment:  Payment can be made by either Credit Card or Paypal using the Sign Up form.

Change of Address:  Please be sure your submitted shipping address is correct.  If your address should change, it will be your responsibility to notify us prior to shipment dates to change your delivery address.  If your shipment isn’t delivered within 21 days of the ship date, we will work with you to see if it can be located.

Refunds:  All refunds will be subject to a $50 processing fee.  No refunds will be issued after December 15, 2013.

Cancellation:  WPKnits reserves the right to change dates, kit contents, etc.  WPKnits may cancel at any time with no prior notice.  If Club should be cancelled prior to final shipment, refunds will be pro-rated based upon previous shipments, costs incurred, etc.