Smorgasbord Cowl kC Video Links

Bonus Feature – Adding YouTube video links to play within knitCompanion:

This is not a necessary step, but if you will be referring to the video links frequently, it may be beneficial. Please note these are just links and will require internet access to be visible.

  1. On your iDevice, open your Smorgasbord Cowl project.
  2. Tap Setup.
  3. Tap the Information icon (an “i” in a circle) at the top of the page.
  4. In the white box, type or copy and paste the following for each video you’d like to have linked. Note: They will remain in the order you insert them.

Join in the Round Video: <iframe width=”350” height=”250” src= width=”100%”></iframe>

Travel Left Video: <iframe width=”350” height=”250” src = width=”100%”></iframe>

Travel Right Video: <iframe width=”350” height=”250” src = width=”100%”></iframe>

 5. Tap Setup Project. When back in your project, the videos can be found down by your keys in the information screen. They can be made full screen by tapping on the arrows in the lower right corner and tap “Done” to close.