July 2016 Club Color Selections


Welcome to Italy!

Starting July 1st we will begin our third WPKnits Club Mystery Knit Along for 2016.  As we knit our projects, we will learn all about this amazing country’s history, food and people.

This will be a 2 color rectangular wrap (or larger), in contrasting colors with each color having their own chance to “shine”.   You will have the option of making your wrap in 4 different sizes and one size Ruana (dimensions below).  Yarn will be used in equal amounts.

July’s options:

Yarn base

For the first time, we are allowing you to choose your yarn from two new amazing superwash bases, Tranquil – 80/20 BFL/Bamboo (used for the Club samples you received), or Serenity (80/20 Merino/Silk).  Tranquil is a limited mill run, so the post-MKAL pattern will be released with only Serenity listed, but for now you get a choice.  The colors on Serenity will be a shade or two darker and have a slight sheen.  There is no price difference between the two and either will work for the dimensions given.

  1. Tranquil (80% Superwash BFL, 20% Bamboo, 435 yds (398m) per 100g.
  2. Serenity (80% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk, 400 yds (366m) per 100g.

Kit Size

  1. Small Wrap – 16” tall x 72” long* – Kit contain all components.
  2. Medium Wrap – 27” tall x 72” long* – Add on 2 skeins + add’l beads & stitch markers – $49
  3. Large Wrap – 38” tall x 72” long* – Add on 4 skeins + add’l beads & stich markers – $99
  4. Extra Large Wrap/Throw – 49” tall x 72” long* – Add on 6 skeins + add’l beads & stitch markers – $149
  5. Ruana – 61” wide x 72” long* – Add on 6 skeins + add’l beads & stitch markers – $149

NOTE:  All prices include shipping.  All Add-ons will be in the same dye-lot as your Club order and shipped together.  * Please note the dimensions are approximations since not all sizes have been completed.

group shotclick picture to enlarge

SOLD OUT – Project Bag:

  1. Add on a Shawl sized Plum Creek Project Bag in adorable Italian Print.  This is not the same print as the Club Bag.  If you are already signed up for the Club w/Bags option, you would get this bag in addition to your Club bag.  Currently only available with Club orders or Full Yarn Kits from Etsy – $25


Club Members: Please submit your selections by May 8th.

Stunning String Stock Color choices can be seen here.

1-26-16 - 11-26-16 - 2

Contact us if you have any problems.

Club submissions are now closed.

If you are not a Club Member, you can order a Yarn Kit directly from Stunning String here.