April 2016 Club Color Selections


Welcome to the Netherlands!

Starting April 1st we will begin our second WPKnits Club Mystery Knit Along for 2016. As we knit our projects, we will learn all about this amazing country and it’s history.

This will be a 2 color project, one light color and one dark color in Stunning String’s Superwash with beads.  We will be working in stripes, mosaics and some lace.

You will have the option of making a half circle, a three-quarters circle or a full circle shape in your choice of regular or larger sizes.

Yarn will be used in equal amounts.  Colors should be highly contrasted with a dark color and a light color.

Beads will sit on both MC & CC.  For the first time, we are allowing you to choose your bead preference:

  • Bold contrast – dramatically contrasted with both your color choices.
  • Subtle Blend – subtle sparkle that will mix well with your chosen colors.
  • Surprise me – we choose.

April’s options:

  1. Standard Half Circle – 56” wide x 28” tall* – Kit contain all components
  2. Larger Half Circle – 80” wide x 40” tall* – Add on 2 skeins + add’l beads & stitch markers – $39
  3. Standard 3/4 Circle – 66” wide x 33” tall* – Add on 2 skeins + add’l beads & stich markers – $39
  4. Larger 3/4 Circle – 80” wide x 40” tall* – Add on 4 skeins + add’l beads & stitch markers – $83
  5. Standard Full Circle – 70” across* – Add on 4 skeins + add’l beads & stitch markers – $83
  6. Larger Full Circle – 83” across* – Add on 6 skeins + add’l beads & stitch markers – $129

NOTE: All prices include shipping. All Add-ons will be in the same dye-lot as your Club order and shipped together.

* Please note the dimensions are approximations since not all sizes have been completed.

Club Members:  Please submit your selections by February 10th.

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Stunning String Stock Color choices can be seen here.

1-26-16 - 11-26-16 - 2  

Contact us if you have any problems.
 Full Club Members, complete the form below to select your Colors, Beads and Put-up.  If you are not a Club Member, you can order a Yarn Kit directly from Stunning String here.