Stunning Mystery Society July Color Submissions


Just a quiet life in the country, or is it?

Starting July 1st we will begin our third Club Mystery Knit Along for 2018.  As we knit our projects, we will enjoy the mysteries of English Village life.

2018 Club Members will select either our Tranquil base or upgrade to our new Splendid base for this two color project (details on the sample card). You will select your colors from any Club or Stock colors.

This will be a two-color shawl/poncho with lots of mosaic (slipped stitches), lace and adding optional focal beads.

You will have the option of making three shapes: a triangle, ¾ square, or full square poncho; each in either small or large size.  (See drawings below.)

The clues will be spread out over 8 weeks with simple, non-stressful sections released each week.

As we knit, we will also be discussing the mystery book A Quiet Life in the Country by T.E. Kinsey.

July’s options:

  1. Tranquil:  80% Superwash Merino, 20% Bamboo – 430 yds (393 m)/100 g.  The bamboo resists the dye creating a soft, heather-y look with a slight sheen. Standard
  2. Splendid:   55% Superwash BFL, 45% Silk – 435 yds (398 m)/100 g The high silk content takes the color boldly with a gorgeous silk sheen on a super soft base. Upgrade

Kit Size

Tranquil Splendid
Small Triangle (35”x70”) 2 skeins $ – $ 20
Small ¾ Square (22”x44”) – 4 skeins $ 50 $ 90
Small Full Square (35”x72”) – 4 skeins $ 50 $ 90
Large Triangle (43”x85”) – 4 skeins $ 50 $ 90
Large ¾ Square (31”x62”) – 6 skeins $ 100 $ 160
Large Full Square (43”x85) – 8 skeins $ 160 $ 240

NOTE: All prices include shipping. All Add-ons will be in the same dye-lot as your Club order and shipped together. * Please note the dimensions are approximations since not all sizes have been completed.

Club Members: Color selection will close on Tuesday, May 22nd!

Please refer to your samples for actual color.

Many of Stunning String Stock Color choices can be seen here.

1-26-16 - 11-26-16 - 2


Color selection has closed!

Contact us if you have any problems.

If you are not a Club Member, you can order a Yarn Kit directly from Stunning String here.